Yangyang Wang

Department of Computer Science & Technology
Network architecture & IPv6 Lab, Network Research Center
Tsinghua University
Beijing, P.R.China, 100084
wangyy at cernet.edu.cn

About me

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Network architecture&IPv6 Lab under the supervisor of Jun Bi. My research interest aims to the scalability, evolvability, and routing mechanisms of Internet-like large-scale networks; and future Internet architecture design for efficient information and data retriveal, transmission, and sharing; and evolvable networking device design (e.g., software defined networking devices).

Research area:


Yangyang Wang, Jun Bi, Jianping Wu, Empirical analysis of core-edge separation by decomposing Internet topology graph, Globecom 2010.

Yangyang Wang, Jun Bi, Jianping Wu, Empirical evaluation for the impact of core-edge separation on Internet routing scalability, student workshop with Infocom 2010

Yangyang Wang, Jun Bi, Jianping Wu, NOL: Name Overlay Service for Improving Internet Routing Scalability, AFIN 2010

Yangyang Wang, Jun Bi, Jianping Wu, Researh on Internet Overlay Routing, Journal of Software (in Chinese), Vol.20, No.11, 2009



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